I have been reading and writing stories for as long as I can remember.  Most of them were school projects, but hey, I did enjoy them when they came along.  Creative writing they called it.  The first story I remember writing was a comedy story called “The Crazy Toboggan”, wherein I was the unlucky passenger on a toboggan with a mind of it’s own.

Fast forward 10 years and the days of possessed toboggans are long behind me.  I love to read and write science fiction and military thrillers.  I was a frequent visitor of Fanfiction.net in its early days, looking up stories in the Star Wars and X-Files universes, but eventually I decided to try writing my own story.

Once I made that decision, I set out to write something for Star Wars.  Unfortunately, I ended up abandoning that project, feeling as if I had no guidance and no plan.  My second attempt, an Animorphs alternate ending, flamed out in a similar manner, though I still do some writing in it every now and then.

Several other projects got false starts, some of which I’ve kept in hopes of finishing them one day.  It wasn’t until the role playing trilogy of Mass Effect came out that I got a serious desire to write again.  How could I not, with a universe that was specifically created for the imagination of the player?

Though it wasn’t the first one planned, Echoes from the Past was the first story I published online.  During my first play through of the game Mass Effect 3, I found myself hearing the voices of the characters that had died before her.

I tend to read and write in the science fiction and military thriller genres, with a particular emphasis on Action and Adventure.

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