If you loved the 3D FPS Puzzling solving fun of Portal, then you’ll love its sequel, Portal 2.

Many of the aspects of the first Portal are back, including Chell, GLaDOS, a run down Aperture Science Labs, turrets, the beloved companion cube, and of course the portal gun.  In addition, there are all new characters and devious complexities in all new areas of Aperture Science Labs, making Portal 2 even more intriguing as Chell learns about the history of the facility and its founders.

New features to the game play include cubes that can bend laser beams allowing Chell to point them as needed, tractor beams to transport her and her cube (if needed) from point to point, light bridges (vertical  & horizontal), and 3 types of a paint like substance that can make a non-portal surface into a white viable portal surface, a blue paint which Chell an extra spring in her step, and orange paint that can give her the speed she needs.

CO-OP Mode:

If Portal 2 wasn’t good enough already, Valve added a CO-OP mode that allows 2 players to connect up via Steam to play through even more elaborate test chambers, moderated by non other than GLaDOS.  Each player plays as robot, Atlas(usually the initiator of the game) or P-Body.  Using these robots, each player relies on the other to successfully navigate the test chamber.  This could mean hold the door open by standing on a red button while the other goes through or it could mean one player falls through an infinite loop until thrown out across the chamber to be caught by a button activated panel or portal all controlled by your team mate.  Use pointer functions to show the other what to look at or use the count down timer so you both push the button at the same time.  There is tons of trusting to be had, but at the same time tons of fun too!

Steam Workshop:

And if that wasn’t enough, Valve has now made Portal 2 chamber development open to the Steam Community with the Steam Workshop.  Here players can make their own single and co-op maps and play the maps made by others.  Simply browse the workshop, fine maps you want to play, subscribe to them, and then launch Portal 2, load the community mode and enjoy!

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