So we have a treadmill and on the wall behind it is a framed poster.  After spending hours walking and staring at the poster, I realized it needed to change to something more interesting.  So shortly after my 2nd single player play-through of Mass Effect 3, which took awhile because I was stunned after my 1st play-through, I made a poster of my favorite Mass Effect characters.  While I’m not usually an artist, I think it turned out pretty well.  I don’t have a poster sized printer, but I do have an HP Photosmart and using about 16 8.5×11″ sheets of glossy brochure paper, a cutting board, some tape, and a lot of time and patients, I made my own 24×36″ Mass Effect poster:

I realize the USS Enterprise is from a different franchise, but what can I say, I like sci-fi.  I apologize for the lousy lighting but the point wasn’t to show the image, but rather the final product.

And now the clearer digital form of the poster (click to view larger):


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Game Reference: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3


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    I might have to take this one to my friends place and have him run off a copy on his poster printer! LOL! Nice job!

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