It seems that we humans aren’t the only ones from planet Earth that are joining allied forces against the reapers.  Check out the images below:

Game Reference: Mass Effect 3 & Mass Effect 3 Multi-Player


  • Belanna12 Jan, 2013

    Awww my baby’s are all grown up. Be safe out there on your first mission.

  • N7 Cockatiel Special Forces Skill Set:

    Special Abilities:
    -Air Recon
    -Long Range Communications
    -For grooming on the go, personal preeners

    Offensive Abilities:
    -High Pitched Sonic Blaster to confuse and disorient enemy targets
    -Dive bombing abilities with noxious substances

    Defensive Abilities:
    -Parabolic Decoy Trajectories
    -Scary Stuff Detection with Hiss/Screech Alarm

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