Recently, I decided to FRAPS my current run through the Wheel of Time PC game.  I know that when I play it, I don’t get to see the cut scenes anymore because the QuickTime installed on my PC from iTunes is too new for the game to interface & play the cut scenes anymore and it won’t install the older version that comes with the game.  To help with understanding my game play, I’ve included the cut scenes in the video.  When putting them together, I had several moments of clarification.  I suddenly understood why my character was were she was and what her goal was in that part of the game that was not apparent without the cut scenes.

Anyway, I hope you find this video (and future ones) helpful, entertaining, and/or both.

Please enjoy the high quality graphics of the Unreal 1 engine… Pretty good for when this game was made.

Wheel of Time PC Gameplay Level 01 – Bank of the Manetherendrelle

Game Reference: Wheel of Time

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