Do you like moving around in the 3D world of the First Person Shooter?  Do you like solving puzzles?  If so, then Portal  from Valve is the game for you!  Solve 3D puzzles that as you move through them.

While this game is only a single player game, it contains hours of fun.  Using your Aperture Science Laboratories portal gun, a device that can create inter-spatial door ways between two flat planes, you (as Chell) must puzzle your way out of the various testing chambers/rooms while GLaDOS, the facility’s AI, “encourages” to you.

The portal gun uses the left and right mouse buttons to shoot either side of the portal needed to get from point A to point B.  Step through it your self or use the portals to move other things around, be it the beloved companion cube to grabbing or disabling a turret.  Don’t forget about the big red buttons!  Physics becomes fun with portals as you use gravity to fling yourself or other objects across a test chamber.

Available through Steam, Portal includes 15 achievements and at the time of this article, had 58,962 players recommending this game to their friends.

And remember…. THE CAKE IS A LIE!

ESRB Rating: Teen