This weekend the challenge for Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer was to receive the gold medal for melee kills using a Krogan character. 

The four of us had a blast going hand to hand with our enemies.  Of course, silliness ensued when we would gather into a circle between waves and head banging Krogan style.

Normally I’m not much for melee, give me a good gun or some biotic abilities and I’m happy, but as a Krogan melee just felt natural.  More than that if was actually fun to run around throwing enemies off ledges.  While playing a Krogan you get to grunt and run and laugh all while beating the enemies to a pulp.

Going melee gave me a chance to try some new tactics like finally equipping all the melee equipment that has been stacking up.  I also had the chance to use a shotgun as a club, which was even more impressive looking since I had the new omni blade addition to it.  Being up close and personal with some of the bad guys gave us a different perspective and we heard sounds from the enemy we never noticed while shooting from a distance.  Over all the challenge was interesting test developing skills we hadn’t used much and over all a success for each of us.

After playing, we got talking about it and I said that the head banging circles looked like the Krogans were really into rock-paper-scissors.  That got me to thinking Krogans wouldn’t just play a simple game of rock-paper-scissors.

Not that I’ve seen many Krogans play games but if they did what would a they use instead?  Well on Tuchunka what do they have?  They have rocks, okay so that’s the same.  They have pijaks, that’s certainly different.  But what’s the one thing that all Krogans have, Guns.  So now, we have a true Krogan game then, rock-pijak-gun.  Rock breaks gun, gun shoots pijak, pijak throws rock.

I can just picture it you have three Krogans trying to resolve a dispute, possibly who gets to go on the next mission or go to the female camp, by playing this game.  The first pulls out a rock, the next holds up a pijak.  The third well he grabs his gun and promptly shoots the other two.  He then lets out a low laugh and says, “I win.”

I’m not sure that this would catch on in the Krogan culture and certainly wouldn’t help with the population growth, but it was still fun to think about.  So the next time you are playing a Krogan character, go out and head butt a few enemies since you may have won a game of rock-pijak-gun to go on that mission.


Game Reference: Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

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