For those of you who have played ONI by Bungie, or have heard of it but maybe not played it, or maybe can’t play it due to some conflict between the game and modern PC hardware, this is a series of videos showing my last play through of the game.  If your watching this to see what its about, then please enjoy, and if your watching this in a guide capacity, I hope you find it useful.

Chapter 0 – Intro + Combat Training:

Chapter 1 – Trail Run:

Chapter 2 – Engines of Evil:

Chapter 3 – Puzzle Pieces:

Chapter 4 – Tiger by the Tail:

Chapter 5 – Hot Pursuit:

Chapter 6 – Counterattack:

Chapter 7 – A Friend in Need:

Chapter 8 – An Innocent Life:

Chapter 9 – Truth and Consequences:

Chapter 10 – Cat and Mouse:

Chapter 11 – Dream Diver:

Chapter 12 – Sins of the Father:

Chapter 13 – Phoenix Rising:

Chapter 14 – Dawn of the Chrysalis:

Game Reference: ONI

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