So when Tomb Raider 2013 came out earlier this year, I originally only got to 15% progress before life interrupted.  

Yesterday, for the first time in months, I was able to get back to this game and make some progress in it.  I have to say for the 20% progress I made, wow!  When they made this game, they took advantage of the new tech because not only is it action packed, but the details and the landscapes you get to play in are amazing.  Tomb Raider has always been very detailed for the kind of game it is because they needed to be, but this years reboot of the game not only shows how far we’ve come in the gaming tech, but with the story telling as well.

2011-11-06_00002-cropped 2011-10-23_00003-cropped 2013-11-02_00594-cropped

While I haven’t played all the way through the older versions of this game yet, I have played them some and most of the settings were in tombs and ancient ruins of various sorts.  Because this new game is telling the story of how Lara Croft became the Tomb Raider, it has a lot more than just tombs, which she hates by the way… How’s that for irony.  In any case, this game is filled with wide open spaces, lots of beautiful scenery, and yes tight tomb like and actual tomb spaces. So far I’ve been enjoying this game’s environment detail and it’s level & skill progression and if you’ve played it, I hope you did too. Here are some select screen captures from the last bit of playing:

Game Reference: Tomb Raider

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