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A couple of weeks ago, I was searching on google for the vendor that sells facial customizations for Nadia Grell, one of the Jedi Consulor’s companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR).  While I don’t recall the exact search string I used, I clicked on a deviantart.com link thinking someone put up the different options for her facial customization mod.  Instead I found myself looking at a custom 3D (no glasses required) digital rendering of Nadia’s face that was awesome looking.


Having forgotten my original objectives and curious to see if there were more, I followed the link to the artist’s website 3DXcentric.com, and discovered that there was indeed more of custom renderings Nadia and other select SWTOR characters.

Before I go much further, I should point out that 3DXcentric.com has a lot of amazing artwork and much of it is mature in nature.  Please make sure that you are old enough (18’s a good number) and mature enough to view such content.  However it is easy to steer around the mature content if you do not wish to see it and want to still see the normal art.  Users must register to gain access to the majority of the art, mature or not.  At the time of this article, registered users can purchase download rights to individual pieces of art, or via subscription gain general access with a few exceptions.

3DXcentric.com houses the creative 3D works of A.D. Birch.  The site houses not only fan art of characters from various games, but 3DX original characters as well, many of which got their start in the gaming world.  Most of them have back stories or excerpts from fan fiction written by A.D. Birch included on the page which is nice if you want to get to know the character better or aren’t familiar with them; fan art & original.

Currently, fan art includes Nadia Grell, Mako, Kira Carsen, Kaliyo Djannis from SWTOR, and Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite (which we don’t have a portfolio for at this time).  With permission from A.D. Birch, here’s a taste of the fan art at 3DXcentric.com (game screen capture – left / 3DXcentric – right):

Nadia Grell

nadia compare -2

Kira Carsen kira carsen compare -2


mako compare -2

Kaliyo Djannis

Kaliyo Djannis compare -2


elizabeth compare -1

Original 3D art currently includes names like Adriene Sinduul, Alexis Arteme, Ariadne Stillwater, Enyai, Esta, Rielle Vaas, and Serif Dal’Shara.  Some of these started in games like SWTOR and World of Warcraft but took on a life of their own.  Several have the origins in A.D. Birch’s first novel, Seed.  Again with permission from A.D. Birch, here’s a taste of some of these original characters:

Adriene Sinduul - sample1alexis arteme-sample1

Ariadne Stillwater-sample1Enyai - sample1

esta-sample1Rielle Vaas-sample1

For complete/higher resolution images and to find out more about these characters, head over to 3DXcentric.com.  Also check out the updates, draftworx, and A.D.’s blog while your there as well as the links to the various social networks.  The corresponding deviantart gallery is 3dxcentric.deviantart.com where there are a few images not found on the current site, including some Lara Croft from Tomb Raider 2013.

Game Reference: Star Wars: The Old Republic, Tomb Raider

Note: All art used above that isn’t a screen capture of its respective game is own by A.D. Birch.  All usage here is with permission.

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