So a long time ago, when I bought my copy of the Wheel of Time, not only did it come in a pretty cool box (for the time it was produced) but it came with a poster in it with a chart on the back of the ter’angreal in the game and what they did.  For awhile, I had it up in my dorm room but for the most part, its been in it’s box.  This past week, I went to the effort of scanning in this poster section by section and layered the pieces together in my graphics program and I’ve digitally recreated it.  Please pardon the obvious warbles in the poster and any imperfections you might find as it was tricky putting the pieces together so that all the lines match up.  Additionally the poster had been folded so long that it was white at many of the folds so I used a scratch removal tool to compensate. Enjoy!



Game Portfolio: Wheel of Time

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