When we game as a group (and even if we aren’t gaming), we use our own Team Speak 3 server to talk to one another.  About a year ago, I created some basic Team Speak 3 skins that feature images from Mass Effect 2.

Once downloaded, simply drop them into your C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\styles folder or equivalent such that the .qss file is in the styles folder but the images are in a corresponding sub-folder.  Then go into or load your Team Speak 3 client and go to Settings -> Options.  Then select Design from the panel on the left, and under the Theme pull down menu, you should be able to select the skins you copied to your style directory.


Note: These skins do not come with any kind of warranty, guarantee, or tech support besides what has been presented here.


Game Reference: Mass Effect 2


  • Alana21 Nov, 2012

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