The other day I was browsing and I came across an impressive GLaDOS cosplay photo from Portal.  I’d never considered how one would represent a non-humanoid AI character in such a manner, but this young lady from Russia, deviantArt user *Tenori-Tiger, did a great job of it.  Especially considering the how the story line of GLaDOS develops how she was created in Portal 2.  I don’t know if *Tenori-Tiger was trying portray the relationship between GLaDOS and Caroline, but either way, they are cool pics.  For those that haven’t played through the end of Portal 2… we’ll stop there… In addition, there are some photos of GLaDOS & a similarly represented Wheatley, and some miscellaneous Aperture Laboratories.

In any case, after getting permission from *Tenori-Tiger, we are pleased to share these photos:


Game Ref: Portal 2

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